About us
About us

Entrack has a long history as a supplier of wear and spare parts to the construction industry. The company was founded in western Sweden in mid-1970s by Boris Nilsson, who began importing undercarriage parts from Italy and selling them to machine operators, first in the immediate area but over time throughout Sweden. During the second half of the 70s, a business was started also in central/northern Sweden together with Kjell Ohlsson and sales also picked up speed in the northern provinces of Sweden. Around the same time, Entrack Norge A/S was opened in eastern Norway together with a Norwegian entrepreneur. Entrack A/S, as they are called today, is now owned and managed locally in Norway, completely separated from the other Entrack companies.

During the 1980s, the business was built up with expanded warehouses and leading suppliers, primarily from Italy, to become the largest independant supplier of undercarriage and wear parts for contruction machinery in Sweden and Norway. The next big investment to get closer to customers in eastern Sweden was when Magnus Nord in 1994 opened the gates to the new warehouse in Järfälla outside Stockholm, which today serves as the company's head office.

After that, warehouses were opened in Eslöv, Luleå and most recently in 2013 in Gothenburg. All warehouses are run by dedicated and knowledgeable staff who usually have between 10-30 years of experience from the industry. Entrack in Sweden today operates 6 offices in modern facilities to serve customer all over the country.

In 2008, an international venture began with the opening of our office and warehouse in Wroclaw, Poland. The next step was to transform our former Italian logistics office into a sales office with Europe as the market and the newest on the Entrack map are Tampere and Kokkola in Finland, which opened in the winter of 2014.

The local warehouses around Europe are today supported by a new state-of-the-art central warehouse in Stockholm Sweden, with a complete range of products ready to be shipped to customers all over Europe and globally.

Customer care
With world-leading producers in combination with high focus on product development, our goal is to be the leading supplier in our home markets and a significant one in others. We are in a constant process of working with our manufacturers and suppliers to develop products that lead to increased productivity and profitability for our customers.