UNI-Z / Catex

    UNI-Z and Catex are two systems with the same locking principle, where Catex is a refined development of UNI-Z to allow higher side forces and is often used in soil scarification using HD disc trenchers. Both systems have a very tight fit between tooth and adapter and are locked using a slotted spring pin.

    Tooth Catex 4

    Part no: Catex4

    Tooth Catex 4 Rock

    Part no: Catex4Berg

    Adapter Catex 4

    Part no: Catex4H

    Adapter Catex 4 special

    Part no: Catex4HS

    Tooth Catex 5 Rock

    Part no: Catex5Berg

    Spring pin, slotted inner size 3

    Part no: 11x70

    Adapter Catex 5 special

    Part no: Catex5HS

    Spring pin, slotted size 1

    Part no: 14x50