Grouser bars

    Grouser bars were originally used for renovation of the grousers of dozer track shoes, but are now also used as wear bars in sorting buckets as well as additional wear protection in other applications. With a herdness of 500HB, the grouser bars are available in different dimensions in 3m lengths.

    Part no Title Price
    , 30x16x3m Grouser bar no. 46, 500HB 3m -  
    , 40x22x3m Grouser bar no. 78, 500HB 3m -  
    , 42x24x3m Grouser bar T24, 500HB 3m -  
    , 50x27x3m Grouser bar no. 92, 500HB 3m -  
    , 65x30x3m Grouser bar no. 96, 500HB 3m -  
    , 68x37x3m Grouser bar no. 98, 500HB 3m -  
    , 75x45x3m Grouser bar no. 100, 500HB 3m -