About us

    Entrack has been providing wear- and spare parts to the construction and mining business for more than 40 years. The company was founded in the small village of Lysvik, Sweden in the mid-70s by Boris Nilsson, who started importing undercarriage products from Italy. During the second half of the 70s the company expandad to northern Sweden and also into Norway with the creation of Entrack Norge A/S together with a norwegian colleague, Torbjørn Kvesetberg. The norwegian company is today run by the sons of Torbjørn, and is no longer part of the European Entrack group. During the 80s and 90s, the business continued to expand with new offices being established, and Entrack was soon the biggest brand-independant supplier of undercarriage parts in the Nordic region. In 2008, a small-scale international expansion begun with the opening of an office in Wroclaw, Poland. Following the succesful expansion into Poland, a European sales office was established in Modena, Italy and later also two locations in Finland were opened in 2014. All Entrack offices are managed by experienced and dedicated staff, with extensive product knowledge.

    With a complete range of high-quality products, Entrack is striving to become a leading supplier on our home markets, and a significant supplier all over Europe. We are continuously investing in developing new products, supporting our customers to increase their productivity and profitability.